Sleeping too little increases the risk of a road accident

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Sleep and the risk of road accidents are more related than previously thought. The duration of nights and sleep apnea are responsible for excessive sleepiness on the road.

Sleep more and better to drive better. Sleeping too little would be responsible for excessive sleepiness on the road, just like sleep apnea, according to a US study published in the journal BMC Medicine.

This work, done as part of the Sleep Heart Health Study, analyzes the consequences of sleep debt and apnea. For this research, 3,201 participants, all ages 40 to 89, agreed to be followed.

Even without feeling drowsy
Using a questionnaire and a device to analyze the sleep of the participants, the scientists were able to establish that sleeping 6 hours per night increased the risk of having a road accident by 33% compared to individuals. sleeping 7 or 8 hours. The team of researchers emphasizes that these risks exist even if the driver does not feel drowsy.

Of all the participants, 7% had revealed in their questionnaire that they had a road accident in the year preceding the study. All recognized that these accidents could be related to the quality of their sleep or the number of hours they slept.

With regard to sleep apnea, a person with a severe form is exposed to a risk of road accident multiplied by two. “A lack of sleep due to sleep apnea or insufficient sleep time is strongly associated with road accidents in this population, in the absence of excessive self-reported sleepiness,” the study concludes.

With one in three people concerned, sleep disorders are common in the French population. They are more numerous with age, and older people suffer more from nocturnal awakenings. The youngest are especially concerned with the problems of falling asleep. Overall, women seem more concerned than men.

The consequences of lack of sleep on daily life are numerous:

irritability, aggression,
general fatigue,
concentration difficulties, carelessness,
muscle tension,
digestive disorders,
but also excessive daytime sleepiness.
This drowsiness affects one in five French people and has serious consequences for the risk of falling asleep at the wheel and accidents in general.

Lack of sleep is also a risk factor for certain diseases:

weakening of the immune system,
As you can see, sleep is important, and missing it has a real impact on our health. In cases of severe insomnia or sleep disturbances that interfere with daily life, it is important to consult your doctor.

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