How to Lose 1 pound a week, your body attains what your mind decides

How to Lose 1 pound a week, your body attains what your mind decides

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Everybody wants to look their best with a perfect body and style. Obesity is one bitter truth which restrains people from looking as wonderful as they desire. Getting out of shape is so annoying when we want to wear a brand new dress for a party or a get-together. Above all these beauty reasons stands the threat of diseases which creeps into an obese body which are fatal like diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer etc. Loosing those extra pounds is possible but one should have strong determination. There are methods how to lose 1 pound a week and reach the much admired weight goals without feeling exhausted.

More than 50 percentage of people around the globe are living depressed with low self-esteem and helplessness. How these many people did came under the obese category? Definitely, there is reason and it is Lifestyle. Too much to eat and too little movement is the way to best explain why obesity is casting shadow over our generation. Use of fast foods which are loaded with sugars and fat just remain in the body if we do not exercise or have any physical activity to burn it out as energy. So one way to stay fit and healthy is eat half and walk twice.

How to lose 1 pound a week?

Like the old saying, slow and steady wins the race. It is definitely possible to lose 1 pound a week by cutting down almost 3500 calories from your diet every week that is 500 to 1000 calories less from your daily food intake. Together with that there should be lifestyle modifications. Exercise is unavoidable. Just stop using your cars, public transport system and walk down the streets, this itself will make a lot of difference.

Tips for weight loss in weeks

  • Exercise: Try Jogging, Zumba, Swimming or any other activity you prefer like basketball, badminton etc.
  • Drink lots of water.
  • Add fresh fruits and vegetables to your meal plan.
  • Eat dinner before 8 o’clock.
  • Bring in a sleep pattern which accommodates at least 6 to 8 hours sleep.
  • Skip creamy large size coffees and drinks.
  • Avoid buffet style dining.
  • Limit chips and fried foods.
  • Stop the habit of eating in front of TV.
  • Reduce the intake of high calorie foods like Cheese, Nuts, Fatty-meats, mayonnaise etc.
  • Reduce stress by doing Meditation and yoga are good options.

All these tips on how to lose 1 pound a week will undoubtedly bring vast change in an overweight person. Just keep trying and see the desired results in weeks.

Water is a magic drink for anyone trying for weight loss because it slows down hunger, expels toxins and keeps one hydrated which reduces tiredness and fatigue.

What you eat is what you are, this saying is so much true when considering weight loss plans because to lose 1 pound a week is also possible if one follows a healthy lifestyle including proper diet and exercise. Always remember, it is never too late to try and find your healthiest self.

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