Healthy teeth: your 10 good resolutions

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To start the new year, here are 10 good resolutions for oral health. Indeed, to keep good teeth all your life, it is important to know the right gestures and put them into practice every day, from an early age.

Here are the 10 reflexes to acquire for healthy teeth.

0 good resolutions to keep teeth in good shape
Take his annual appointment at his dentist. Take the opportunity to do the same for his spouse and children.

Do not forget the first visit of the youngest: it is from the age of one that he must be taken to the dentist. Then, it’s like everyone else, that is, at least once a year.

To brush your teeth twice a day, in the morning after breakfast and in the evening before going to bed, for two minutes at a time, and according to the personalized instructions given by the dentist.

Consider asking your dentist if an orthodontist appointment is helpful for your child.

Introduce yourself to dental floss. This is to pass between each inter-dental space after the evening brushing. To be completed by a mouthwash, for a good daily hygiene.

Consult the latest developments in oral hygiene in the pharmacy, pharmacy, supermarket or Internet hygiene departments in search of the gestures and products that are best for everyone. Do not hesitate to seek advice from your dentist, pharmacist or doctor.

Change your toothbrush as soon as the hair begins to bend or at least every three months.

Choose a suitable toothpaste for each person in the household according to age or dental pathology. Well read the labels of toothpastes and in particular the fluoride dosage:

Do not nibble, wash your teeth before bed and eat nothing or drink anything other than pure water. This limits acid attacks on the teeth responsible for cavities.

Always wear a mouthguard if you practice a risky sport.

Oral advice for pregnant women
Do not neglect the oral check-up offered free of charge by the Health Insurance to pregnant women in the 4th month of pregnancy. Indeed, the teeth are weakened during pregnancy. Pregnant women are at increased risk of gingivitis and cavities and dental care can be more complicated during this time.

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