dental health during pregnancy

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Throughout pregnancy, it is very important to have perfect dental hygiene.

And if a dental problem occurs do not take his trouble but go to the dentist for proper care.

Ideally, you should even consult your dentist before you become pregnant.

Why exactly?

Gingivitis increases the risk of preterm birth
Any inflammation, even of oral origin, is a risk factor for premature delivery.

Thus neglected, gingivitis increases the risk of premature delivery.

During pregnancy, bleeding gums are not serious and very common. In contrast, gingivitis (inflammation of the gums), also common, can be dangerous if left untreated, as it increases the risk of preterm labor.

In practice, any dental problem must be treated by the dentist. Ideally before pregnancy, but dental care can also be undertaken in pregnant women.

Caution, you must tell your dentist that you are pregnant so that it protects your belly with a lead apron during dental x-rays and does not use contraindicated anti-inflammatory medications during pregnancy.

Oral diseases are more common during pregnancy
Pregnancy induces hormonal changes that promote inflammatory reactions, leading to edema and bleeding.

This phenomenon is amplified in women who already have gums that bleed easily before pregnancy.

The composition of saliva also changes during pregnancy.

This modification of the oral environment is more favorable to oral problems, including caries.

How to prevent oral diseases during pregnancy?

Oral hygiene irreproachable throughout the pregnancy
Careful brushing of the teeth twice a day, morning and evening.
Soft-bristled toothbrush to be changed every 3 months.
Fluoride toothpaste (ie no more fluoride treatment is given to future mothers because its effectiveness has not proved sufficient).
A consultation at the dentist before you are pregnant
The dentist checks the oral state in general (gums, caries …), proceeds if necessary to the care and carries out a descaling in depth.

The dentist indicates the rules of hygiene to be respected during all the pregnancy and the particular precautions to take: method of personalized brushing, nibbling to be avoided, mouthwash, consultation in case of bleeding, of pains, etc.

Treat any oral problem without delay during pregnancy
Dental care is not contraindicated throughout pregnancy.

They are safe for the fetus and the dentist is well aware of the precautions to take in pregnant women (drugs, radio …).

However, there is a better time for care: the second trimester of pregnancy.

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