A perfect brushing in 4 steps

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Make a beautiful blow-dry without leaving your hair, it is possible by adopting the advice of Jean-Marc Joubert, hairdresser in Paris.

From the wash, I put them in condition! A very smooth brushing, it is ready from the cleaning: choose a shampoo adapted to the nature of your scalp, then apply on your lengths a smoothing and nourishing mask. On a healthy and neat hair fiber, the brush will slide a hundred times better!

I pre-dry my hair

This is a step not to rush. “Not only will it allow you to brusher your hair faster but also avoid overheating the hair, at the risk of damaging it,” said Jean-Marc Joubert. Start by wrapping them in a towel and squeezing them to remove as much water as possible. Then arm yourself with the dryer and a flat brush. “Brush your hair in all directions and accompany your actions with the dryer, recommends the hairdresser. When drying, your hair should be barely wet. ”

I apply a thermo-smoothing treatment

Presented in the form of spray, milk or cream, it contains micronized polymers that coat the hair, protect it from the heat of the dryer, facilitate the passage of the brush and print its movement. A four-in-one essential! Place 4/5 sprays or a nut of product on the lengths, spread it over the whole of the hair with the help of a comb then massage your hair to make penetrate well the care. Your hair is rebellious, thick or curly? To make brushing easier, opt for a dry oil because it offers a better smoothness, nourishes the fiber and makes it shine.

I choose the right brush

Round or flat, it all depends on the result you want to give your blow dry. “A square brush offers a smooth and flat result, explains our expert. If you want a softer, prefer a flat brush with pimples well apart and if instead you want a blow-dry “inflated”, turn to a round brush “. Pay special attention to the diameter of the round brush: on average, to brusher long hair, you need a brush of 10-15 cm in diameter, 5 cm if they are half-long and 3 cm only if they are short. For the dryer, prefer a light model to keep your arm from aching and equipped with a tip to direct the heat.

I throw a cold

Dry your hair with locks, making sure that they do not exceed 3 cm. A tip to better handle and structure your hairstyle. Once your drying is over, do not forget to blow some cold air. “It allows you to fix the movement imposed on the hair, it’s the trick to make your hair look better, longer,” recognizes Jean-Marc Joubert.

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