800 Calorie Diet Plan

800 Calorie Diet Plan

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In this day and age, people have become more concerned and watchful about their size and weight not only in the United States but across the world. This is largely attributed to the rising number of disease such as heart diseases, cardiac arrest, and diabetes which are associated to excess weight beyond the recommended body mass weight. In regard, both the young and adults have become enlightened thereby seeking appropriate ways of checking their diet. Physical exercises is one of the common ways of ensuring one does not gain much weight. Also, it is important to heck on the diet which entails the kinds of foodstuff on your diet.

Majority of the people have no idea of how to develop an ideal diet plan for their weight loss journey. It is vital to monitor and count the number of the calories one consumes on a daily basis.  Different magazines, journals and even TV shows have recommended various weight loss methods which makes it even more confusing when determining the most effective method. The 800 calorie diet plan can be accomplished in a seven day mean plan which is categorized into; breakfast, snack, lunch, and dinner. Calories are important components in the body which help in the provision of energy. However, there is need to control the amount of calories an individual consumes in day to achieve healthy living.

7-day Meal Plan

Day Breakfast Snack Lunch Dinner
1 One peach

One egg

One apple

100g low-fat cheese 150g tuna

A plate of vegetables


Cooked oatmeal (1/3 cup)
2 Wholegrain bread(one slice)

One banana

100g oil free kale chips Chicken pizza low-calorie 50g chicken

Small plate of vegetables

3 Two cups of almond milk

200g of oatmeal

Sliced tomatoes 110g

Tea with no sugar and milk

200g cucumbers

100g beef

A plate of vegetables with vinegar

Grilled chicken breasts
4 Two eggs

Two slices of bread

200g tomatoes

Low-fat fruit yoghurt

200g mango

Fried vegetables 350g One bread slice wholegrain

One teaspoon of olive oil spread

5 150g wholegrain cereal

One apple

A chunk of cheese

Tea without milk or sugar One smashed sweet potato

Fish 150g

Wholegrain small bread

Mixed vegetables 40g

6 Low-fat cottage cheese 150g

One banana

One slice of wholegrain bread

One boiled sweet potato


Avocado 40g Lobster 200g

Brown rice (1/2 cup)

7 Oats one cup

Black tea

One peach

Small apple with peanut butter 100g chicken

Cooked quinoa (1/2 cup)

Mixed vegetables with vinegar

Benefits of the 800 Calorie Diet Plan

By suing the 800 calorie diet plan, one is able to achieve fast weight loss at the end of the dieting pln. In regard is suitable for those individuals suffering from weight related ailments such as diabetes, and high blood pressure. Apart from weight loss, it also helps in improvement of fertility as well as reduction is sleeplessness disorder.

Setbacks of the 800 Calorie Diet Plan

Some of the disadvantages of the dieting plan include; very low calories can sometimes lead to low performances. Some of the muscle and bone tissues formation may be affected by the control of the calories. Low calories diet often leads to reduced metabolisms which affects the functionality of both liver and kidney.

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