Wednesday, April 24, 2019

beauty tips

A perfect brushing in 4 steps

Make a beautiful blow-dry without leaving your hair, it is possible by adopting the advice of Jean-Marc Joubert, hairdresser in Paris. From the wash, I put them in condition! A very smooth brushing, it is ready from the cleaning: choose a shampoo adapted to the nature of your scalp, then apply on your lengths a […]

dental health during pregnancy

Throughout pregnancy, it is very important to have perfect dental hygiene. And if a dental problem occurs do not take his trouble but go to the dentist for proper care. Ideally, you should even consult your dentist before you become pregnant. Why exactly? Gingivitis increases the risk of preterm birth Any inflammation, even of oral […]

Healthy teeth: your 10 good resolutions

To start the new year, here are 10 good resolutions for oral health. Indeed, to keep good teeth all your life, it is important to know the right gestures and put them into practice every day, from an early age. Here are the 10 reflexes to acquire for healthy teeth. 0 good resolutions to keep […]